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Mainstream Translation provides professional written certified translations of any documents in any language combinations.
We assist in translating you business documents – Agreements, Articles of association, Invoice forms; websites, civil documents – Birth, Marriage, Baptism certificates, Degrees, Graduation Documents, Medical references, Court decisions and many more and will assist in selecting the right type of certification for you. Our team is represented by certified professionals who are native language speakers, each order is edited by an expert of the specific field of translation. There are three main groups of translations:
1) standard written translations of documents of any content – legal, economic or medical, etc. These translations are certified by the agency
2) sworn translations of civil documents, for instance, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Police Clearance certificates which have to be submitted to authorities in Ireland or abroad (certification of these requires the signature of the translator or the solicitor),
3) notarized translations for submitting your documents to perform any administrative procedures abroad, for instance, receiving your passport, purchasing property, registering you vehicle. These translations have to be notarized and apostilled.

All our translators are qualified certified English, German, French, Italian and Spanish native speakers. However, our strongest privilege is that we are the only translation agency in Dublin where you can receive a consultation in your native language as our staff translators speak Eastern European languages – Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Slovak and Czech and can assist you with the cheapest translation of the best quality in shortest terms. When you need to translate your business documents – Agreements, Articles of Association, Invoices, Translations of Business Correspondence or any Legal documents, for instance, Divorce decrees, Court decisions, Appeals or Orders, we can provide you legal translation services. The language of these documents is very specific and involves additional knowledge of the legal terminology and procedures therefore we entrust legal translations only to most experienced professionals with the legal background. Currently our agency is one of the leading translation agencies in Ireland. We cannot say that we are the best translation agency among translation agencies of Dublin, because there is no official rating made and hold, but we can definitely say that we are ready to be the best translation agency for you.

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“Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte - July 12, 2017