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We can provide the best prices for Educational Documents Translation in Dublin.

We can translate all your education documents, guaranteeing the high standards of quality we offer to all our clients.

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Price Translation Services & Interpreting Services

Languages and Prices

We translate from: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Thai, Turkish, Norwegian, Latin, English, etc.

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Document Translation: Our Translation Company Dublin specializes in document translations of: French-English, Spanish-English, German-English

Types of Documents

We specialize in the translation of a wide range of documents for legal purposes or personal use. Every translation is carefully prepared, double-checked for quality assurance by a professional proofreader and editor before being returned to the client. Certified translations in Dublin.

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Translations offers professional translation & interpreting services including document and certificate translation.

Legalization Services

Depending on the use for which your translated document is destined, you may require certification by the translator, notary public or solicitor. Moreover, our company can provide apostille legalization services or certified copies of the original should this be required.

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Translation services


Mainstream Translations is a company that provides a full range of translation services to companies worldwide. We dedicate ourselves to high-quality document translation for business, commercial purposes and personal documents. Our translation company is a multi-sector language services specialist and we translate in all major languages.


Some of the languages we translate from: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Thai, Turkish, Norwegian, Latin, English, and many other.


Interpreting Services


Mainstream Translations is a company that provides a full range of translation and interpreting services to companies worldwide. Our interpreters are all fully qualified and experienced professionals we employ native speakers who are widely experienced in interpreting in solicitor offices, courts, Registrar’s office, hospitals, etc.


Whether you need an interpreter for an international conference, press conference, tour group, business meeting or medical or legal appointment, we dedicate ourselves to deliver a high-quality deliver interpreting services every time.




      • Interpreters for Businesses, Conferences, Meetings & Events.




      • Interpreters for Medical, Legal, Social and Community Requirements




      • All Types of Interpreting: Simultaneous, Whispering, Consecutive, Health & Safety





Legalization Services


Depending on the use to which your translated document is destined for, you may require certification by the translator, a notary public or solicitor,  Apostille certification or certified copies of the original.


Our certified translators offer a wide range of document certification services, including: translator certification, solicitor or notary certification, notarization by our registered notary public, legalization by a solicitor or notary, true copy of the original certificate, Apostille certification, consular certification.


We can advise you on the certification type best suited for your Power of Attorney; birth, death and marriage certificates; adoption certificates; educational degrees and diplomas; immigration certificates and passports.





About Mainstream Translations


Mainstream Translations is an integrated, multilingual language solution specialist. Our services include document translation, transcription, interpreting and legalization services. We have particular expertise in legal, financial, technical and life sciences translation. Mainstream Translations was founded with the aim of providing professional and high-end translation services to corporate clients. We deliver consistently high-quality work at competitive rates. We forge and maintain close partnerships with clients and offer flexible and innovative solutions to their specific language needs. We have responded to our clients’ needs for integrated language services by adding a full range of document processing and printing services to our offering, giving clients ‘turn-key’ solutions to their language needs.


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  • Thanks a mil! We’ll keep your details on file for the next time we need any translation services. Much appreciated.


  • We are very pleased with the products that Main Stream Translations has provided to our company. Regards,


  • "Very professional and timely in the delivery of the product they had promised"

    Senior Consultant - Finance & Insurance

  • I have used MAINSTREAM TRANSLATION services twice and have been very satisfied with their quality of work and quick turnaround. I would highly recommend MAINSTREAM to everyone in need of translation.

    Javier Arrieta

  • I have been availing for many times of MAINSTREAM TRANSLATION services and have found them to be extremely reliable and prompt with all my translation needs. I truly recommend Violeta who is always courteous and knowledgeable and has my translations done either when promised or before the promised date.

    Catherine Torrecilla

  • Dear Mainstream, The translation you did for my documents was perfect. Thank you very much, I'm very happy with your services, swift and professional. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family and won't hesitate to contact you if need be in the future. Thank you again!

    William St Martin


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