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In many occasions, when language barriers prevent people from communicating, booking an interpreter could be the best way to fully understand each other, especially during important events. For instance, the presence of a Hungarian interpreter could be essential during marriage ceremonies and interviews if at least one member of the couple only speaks Hungarian and cannot understand English.

Another example could be when a Hungarianspeaking person has a health problem and needs to be hospitalised or visited by a doctor while in Ireland. He might not be able to explain his symptoms to the doctor in English, a Hungarian qualified interpreter could, thus, be a great help in diagnosing the patient.

Our company, Mainstream Translations, is the solution you are looking for. We could help you, as we provide Hungarian interpreting services for marriage interviews, marriage ceremonies, business meetings, conferences, courts, hospitals, the health care sector and we are specialised in consecutive, community and simultaneous interpreting.

Not only are all our interpreters Hungarian native speakers but they are also qualified, highly skilled and certified and have a long-standing experience in this field. Our professional team of Hungarian interpreters makes its best to ensure a full understanding between all the participants and offers support in all the relevant legal issues.

We can provide you with Hungarian professional interpreters at the lowest prices in Ireland and in the shortest timeframe. Our native speaker Hungarian interpreters really commit to their work and they fully understand the important legal status of these occasions. This, combined with the perfect knowledge of the Hungarian language and specific terminology, results in high-quality Hungarian interpreting services. Once you booked an interpreter with us, we can assure you that you will be very pleased and you will book interpreters with us again!

Mainstream Translations, based in the city-centre of Dublin, only works with native speaker Hungarian interpreters and translators. They know very well the consequences of a mistake and for them, it is really important to take into account all the differences in law from one country to another in order to provide you with the best possible interpreting service.

Moreover, we offer you the best Hungarian interpreting services at the lowest prices on the market, at the same time guaranteeing quality, accuracy and rapidity! Furthermore we understand the need for confidentiality and, under no circumstances, do we disclose private information.

Because we consider each client unique, we adapt our work to your specifics needs and time schedules. Our aim is to make events such as marriage ceremonies even more unforgettable. You can trust us as we have been offering our Hungarian interpreting services for many years and have acquired great experience in this domain.

If you would like to book a Hungarian interpreter as soon as possible or if you are looking for a price estimate you can give us a call at: 086 408 3332 or (+353) 1670 6333 or contact us by e-mail at: and we will do our best to give you a prompt answer.

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“Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte - July 12, 2017