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Document Translation

Document Translation

Legal documents translation

Mainstream Translations provides professional certified legal translations for any kind of documents and certificates. Our network of skilled and experienced translators is able to provide you with the highest level of translation when it comes to legal documents. Translating legal documents is of high importance for companies, and is something that requires a significant command of the terminology in the field of law as well as a solid knowledge about …Read More

Certified Translations in Dublin

Do you need official documents for personal or business purposes to be translated asap? Get a certified translation today in our agency Mainstream Translations and Interpreting Services in Dublin. From birth certificates to diplomas and legal or technical documents, our company can translate a wide range of document types from and into many languages such as: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, German, Swedish, Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, …Read More

Certified translation of study and qualification documents

If you are planning to work and study abroad, you will most likely be asked to submit a translation of your previous qualifications, diplomas and school records in order to complete your employment or study application. Mainstream Translations is mainly specialized in education and qualification certificates translation. Our company can assist you with all the document translation and legalization proceedings required and you can rest assured that with us, the …Read More

Certified translation of Police Clearance Certificates

Do you need to translate your police clearance into English asap? Then look no further, because Mainstream Translations is a leading provider in Ireland of certified translations of Police Clearance Certificates, also known as Criminal Record certificates or better said Certificates of No Criminal Record. Mainstream Translations is a registered company in Ireland therefore all our translations are certified with seals, stamps and certification page and are fully accepted by …Read More

Certified translation from Portuguese to English

You are a company or individual and want to work with or in other foreign countries and to expand your business abroad? Then, you are in the right place! Our company Mainstream Translations located in Dublin city centre is here to help your business to flourish! To do so, you will probably need certified translations of financial, commercial, legal, technical or even medical documents from Portuguese to English. Financial, commercial, …Read More

Official translation services

Mainstream Translations provides official translations in all language combinations  for use in Ireland or abroad. Our company puts the quality of our translations above everything. Thanks to our quality checks and proofreading works, we can provide quality translations in a fast, efficient and consistent manner. We strive hard to ensure our professional translation service offers the best possible translation at the cheapest price in Ireland. We cover a wide range of language …Read More

Certified translation of criminal record certificates

Do you need to translate your criminal record certificate to English or any other language asap? then look no further! Mainstream Translations is a leading provider of certified translations of criminal record certificates also known as police clearance certificates from all languages around the globe. Mainstream Translations is a registered company in Ireland therefore all our translations are certified with seals, stamps and certification page and are fully accepted by …Read More

Document Translation Services

In today’s world it seems that the need for translation comes up more than ever before. It’s a globalized world and especially when it comes to business you are never limited to one location. Large documents play an essential role in protecting the interests of the business and business owners over the course of a company’s lifetime. Companies with clients overseas may need assistance translating their clients’ financial and legal documents into …Read More

Birth Certificate Translation

Do you need an official agency to provide a certified translation of your birth certificate? We can have your birth certificate translated from as little as €25 in our Dublin city centre office! You will receive from us an official document validating that the translation was provided by a professional translation company with each translated certificate. At Mainstream Translations we can normally have your Birth Certificate translated within 24 hours of submitting your order. Our service if very convenient as you don’t …Read More

Spanish to English translation services in Dublin

Mainstream Translations provides a full range of Spanish to English translation services and vice versa in Dublin, across Ireland and UK. We have extensive experience in the Spanish to English Translation of birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates and Spanish to English Translation of official transcripts, high school certificates, diplomas, university degrees, vocational training certificates, study curricula, employment certificates, medical letters, police clearances, etc. We assign every translation project to …Read More