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Document Translation

Document Translation

Professional Translation Services in Dublin

Mainstream Translations provides quality and professional translation services in Dublin for all language combinations. Our company puts the quality of our translations above everything. Thanks to our quality checks and proofreading works we can provide quality translations in a fast, efficient and consistent manner. We strive hard to ensure our professional translation service offers the best possible translation at the lowest price in Ireland. We offer certified translations in nearly all …Read More


Do you need to translate your criminal record certificate to English or any other language asap? then look no further! Mainstream Translations is a leading provider of certified translations of criminal record certificates also known as police clearance certificates. Mainstream Translations is a registered company in Ireland therefore all our translations are certified with seals, stamps and certification page and are fully accepted by all institutions, immigration and governmental bodies …Read More

Legal Translation Services in Dublin

Mainstream Translations offers certified translations in all language combinations of personal documents issued by Civil Registry Offices, Courts of Justice, Universities and Academic Institutions, Government Authorities, Medical and Financial Institutions etc… Our services include: Birth Certificates Translation Marriage Certificates Translation Divorce Certificates Translation Death Certificates Translation Diplomas Translation Transcript of Records Translation Police Clearance Translation Court Judgments Translation Medical Reports Translation Official Letters Translation Legal Contracts Translation Tender Documents Translation …Read More

Technical translation services

Mainstream Translations is a full-service translation agency that excels at technical translation. Mainstream Translations has a worldwide network of native-speaking translators who are masters of their language, and many of them are subject-matter experts in technology and hardware. That means that you can trust Mainstream Translations to handle any technical translation project, no matter how important or difficult it may be. Mainstream Translations is equipped to handle both large and …Read More

Document Translation Services

Mainstream Translations provides low cost document translation services to clients of all nationalities, based not only in Ireland and UK, but also worldwide.  We co-operate closely with several hundred carefully-tested native freelance translators, editors, proofreaders, and this enables us to cover most professional fields and languages. These include translations for the following fields: aviation, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry (medical reports, medical booklets, medical statements), law (legal contracts, minutes, agreements, inheritance certificates, court decrees or judgments, declarations …Read More

Translate School Documents

The school year has just started, and a brand new set of opportunities opens up to you! If you are planning to go for an international experience and you want to enrol in a foreign University or if you want to come to study in Ireland, you will be probably asked to submit a translation of your diploma and school records in order to complete your application. Mainstream Translations provides …Read More

Romanian Translation Services in Ireland

Mainstream Translations is one of the leading providers of professional Romanian translation services in Ireland. Our experienced Romanian to English and English to Romanian translators can offer the support that Romanian communities in Ireland require. Whether you are a local authority, legal firm, private person or any organization in need of expert Romanian to English and English to Romanian translation, you can rest assured of the consistently excellent quality of …Read More

Certified Translations in Dublin

Do you need official documents for personal or business purposes to be translated asap? Get a certified translation quote today in our agency Mainstream Translations and Interpreting Services in Dublin. From birth certificates to diplomas and legal or technical documents, our company can translate a wide range of document types from and into many languages such as: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, German, Croatian, Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, …Read More

Tradução de Certidão de Nascimento

As certidões de nascimento são documentos fundamentais que comprovam a nossa nacionalidade, origem e cidadania. As certidões oficiais atestam nossa existência perante os estados nacionais. Se você precisa de tradução juramentada, ou seja, uma tradução oficial de sua certidão de nascimentoou de outro documento oficial, não precisa procurar mais por muito tempo, a Mainstream Translation pode te ajudar. De fato, nosso time de tradutores é composto por profissionais com experiência …Read More

Translation office in Dublin

Mainstream Translations is a company which offers translation and interpreting services. With its Dublin based translation office, Mainstream Translations provides certified translations of documents for various language pairs for local and international clients, not only in Ireland, but all over the world. Our translation company has a professional and experienced team composed of native speakers and official translators and interpreters. Our interpreting services range from marriage interviews and business meetings …Read More