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Translations of police clearance certificates are often required for immigration or working purposes in Ireland. During 2016, Mainstream Translations team has translated, proofread and certified hundreds of Police Clearance Certificates from all over the world in less than a day. All this, hassle-free and with the greatest professionalism.

If you are seeking to translate your police clearance certificate, Mainstream Translations, based in 62 Dame Street, Dublin 2, is the right place. If you choose us, our certified translators will complete the work fast, inexpensively and at the best quality. We prepare translations of police clearance certificates for employment, security licence, visas and immigration purposes from any language every day and we know for sure what is required to make the right document. Our linguists will translate and proofread your papers, will certify them so all you need to do is to drop by our office and pick up your certified translation, alternatively we can also post it to you if collecting it in person during the week doesn’t suit you.

If you are satisfied with our services we often offer discounts for returning customers. Our team will also assist you with translation of other documents you may need translated for immigration use, accreditation institutes or employment purposes. With years of translation experience and unbeatable expertise in certified translations of legal documents, you may rest assured that your documents will be accurately translated by the most skilled translators on the market.

We also strive to provide our services for the most reasonable prices beating our competition in terms of cost and delivery time. We can do so also because over years of professional work our team has developed a rich archive of documents and forms used all over the world.

So, don’t wait long, call us today! We look forward to help you. Just call: 01 6706333/086 408 3332. If you are looking for a quote send us an email at:


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“Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte - July 12, 2017