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Mainstream Translations is a company which offers translation and interpreting services. With its Dublin based translation office, Mainstream Translations provides certified translations of documents for various language pairs for local and international clients, not only in Ireland, but all over the world.

Our translation company has a professional and experienced team made of native speakers and accredited translators and interpreters.

Our interpreting services range from marriage interviews and business meetings to simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services.

Our Translation services domains include: Legal translation, Technical translation, Engineering translation, Financial translation, Medical translation, Marketing and Publishing translation, Tourism and General translation, Personal documents translation, and many more. Regarding the types of documents we work with, we are specialised in the translation of legal, adoption, commercial, Immigration, Financial, Medical and Employment documents and also in study related documents such as: Diploma translation, Transcript of records translation, MBA certificates translation, Divorce papers translation, Marriage certificates translation, Birth certificates translation, Baptism certificates translation, Reference certificates translation, Criminal Records translation and many more.

We work in many languages ranging from English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, German, Swedish, Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Thai, Turkish, Norwegian, Latin, etc.

Furthermore, our team can provide you with document legalisations, true copy of original by solicitor or notary public, apostille legalisation services, affidavit and consular legalisation services.

You can rely on us, because with us, your documents are in good hands. Moreover, we know the importance of the discretion when dealing with your documents, therefore we guarantee our utmost confidentiality and that you will not be disappointed with our services.

Above all, we provide services at a very low-cost and we guarantee a quality, professional and  quick turnaround.

Our translation office is conveniently located in the city centre of Dublin at: 62 Dame Street, Dublin 2, which is one of the main streets of the capital city and we are open from 10.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday.

So, choose Mainstream Translations when looking for the certified translation of your documents because:

  • We have professional translators who regularly work on translation projects of all fields
  • We understand the importance of your documents and guarantee accuracy in translation
  • We understand the importance of your documents and provide the best services in the area
  • We guarantee a quick delivery of your document and we accept tight deadlines
  • We are amongst the cheapest in Ireland so look no further!

For a translation quote, to place an order with us or request more information about translation services, please contact us by email at: and you will receive a prompt reply.

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“Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte - July 12, 2017