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Translating an engineering document or a technical one as well as an IT document is not an easy task, and it is far from being straightforward. That is why, you need to find a translator specialized in that specific field and mastering a terminology specific to such documentation. Translating is not just a matter of words, the content should be completely understood and the translator has to be proficient in the field topic. In a world where a minor error can cost a company to lose a huge amount of money and bring it into troubles, extensive industry experience, expert language skills, an understanding of the most complex concepts and recognised qualifications in that specific area are the features necessary for the translation of your technical documents. Mainstream Translations commits itself to provide you and your company with the best specialized translators on the market for all your technical, IT, engineering and construction documents. Our translation agency, based in the city-centre of Dublin, only works with native speakers as well as certified translators and interpreters with extensive experience in this field. Mainstream Translations is the ideal partner for even the most complex and specialist technical translation needs. Our services are prompt and professional and we assure you that with us, you will have the lowest rates on the market.

The documents we can translate include:

  • Product catalogues
  • Technical approvals
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Instruction and Operating Manuals
  • Scientific and White Papers
  • Patents and Patent Applications
  • Data Sheets
  • Online Technical E-Learning Modules
  • Electronic Manuals &Guides
  • Quality control reports
  • Technical standards
  • Training-instructional materials
  • Technical guides
  • Service agreements
  • Software/ User Interface Code
  • Help Screens
  • Software Manuals
  • License Agreements
  • Legal and Information Security Disclaimers
  • Warranty Agreements
  • Marketing Material and Packaging Content
  • Cultural-Related Content and End User

If you do not find your document’s type in the list above, no worries, just contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

The range of the languages our translation company can work with is very wide: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Flemish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Urdu and many more.

Just a quick reminder: we also do interpreting so we will be very pleased to work with you if you need an interpreter in case you are having meetings, for training and seminars, for foreign country business visits, foreign audits and also in case you need someone to help you in trading your products globally.

Please contact us now for a free quote and our experienced team will do the best to satisfy your needs. You can also send us an e-mail at: and we will do our best to give you an answer as soon as we can. Give us a call at: (+353)86 408 3332 or (+353)1 670 6333 and we will be happy to assist you!

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“Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte - July 12, 2017