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Medical documents can often contain many complex and specific terms often unknown to people that are not professional in this area. However, ensuring that the content of the document is conveyed with great accuracy is vital.

Whether your company is engaged in the healthcare or pharmaceutical business or you need to translate your personal health records for your insurance company, your employer or your GP, you can rely on Mainstream Translations. Mainstream Translations is a Dublin based certified translation company, which means that you can be sure that your translations will be accurate and of the highest quality possible. We have an extensive and well-established network of professional translators and we are able to tailor our services to the needs and requirements of our clients. We can cope with tight deadlines and we can offer you special deals for large-volume projects.

We cover the main medical branches such as general practice but also biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, toxicology, neurology, oncology, radiology, etc. We can produce a quality translation of: Patient reports, pharmaco-vigilance reports, Patient information leaflets, case study papers, GP manuals, medical product labels, clinical trials and medical questionnaires.

The languages we regularly cover are: French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Arabic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian, but we can also translate from any other language upon request.

We are conveniently based in 62, Dame Street, Dublin 2. To start on your translation project, send us an email at or give us a call at: 086 408 3332 or 016706333. Contact us today with your specific request and we will be happy to assist you!

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Charlotte - July 12, 2017