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In today’s world it seems that the need for translation comes up more than ever before. It’s a globalized world and especially when it comes to business you are never limited to one location. Large documents play an essential role in protecting the interests of the business and business owners over the course of a company’s lifetime. Companies with clients overseas may need assistance translating their clients’ financial and legal documents into English, or vice-versa translating their business profiles, or marketing documents into their clients’ language. If you need the translation of a large document from or into English at Mainstream Translations we can assist you in this regard.

Are you worried because you have hundreds of business documents to translate but you have short  deadlines? are you stuck when communicating with your clients abroad? Don’t get lost in translation, hire a professional today.

As a professional translation company based in Dublin City Centre in 62 Dame Street, we are able to provide high-quality translation of large files that your company might need in order to get started with your international business development, such as tender contracts, employee’s handbook, employment contracts, business brochures, tender agreements, business registration certificates, Memos and Articles of Incorporation, Certificates of Incorporation, annual reports, non-disclosure agreements, legal contracts, financial contract, business plans, product terms and conditions of use, etc.

Our company covers all languages and we will work on tight deadlines, and as you can imagine, hiring a reputable company to get your professional translation may help the success of your business.

Mainstream Translations has years of experience in  serving big and small businesses and private persons.


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Charlotte - July 12, 2017