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Document Translation

We have many years of experience in document translation and we offer our clients various translation services such as: birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation, death certificate translation, divorce degree translation, adoption document translation,  diploma translation, transcript of record translation, medical document translation, police clearance certificate translation, contract translation, business translation, legal translation, financial document translation, engineering document translation, lease agreement translation, will translation, contract translation, estc.

In addition to our range of document translation services, we offer a wide range of document legalisation services, such as: true copy of original by solicitor or notary public, affidavit, consular legalisation and Apostille authentication.

Birth certificate translation

Our translators are highly experienced in translation of all types of birth certificates into a wide range of languages, offering a dedicated service for this task. Our translators are fully familiar with the terminology specific to the translation of the civil status documents.

Whether you wish to translate your birth certificate for use in Ireland or to translate your Irish birth certificate for used abroad, we are here to help!

Marriage certificate translation

A certified translation of civil documents such as marriage certificates translation requires a high degree of skill and utmost familiarity with all the legal terminology of the country where the marriage document was issued, and also where the translated document is to be use. We can translate a marriage certificate or marriage document from and into a wide range of languages and we are specialized in the following: Spanish marriage document translation, French marriage document translation, Italian marriage document translation, Portuguese marriage document translation, Romanian marriage document translation, German marriage document translation, Hungarian marriage document translation, Russian marriage document translation, Ukrainian marriage document translation, Latvian marriage document translation, Lithuanian marriage document translation, Bulgarian marriage document translation, Slovak marriage document translation, Serbian marriage document translation, Croation marriage document translation, Polish marriage document translation,  Arabic marriage document translation, etc.

In addition to our marriage document translation services we can also provide you a certified copy of your original marriage certificate, notarized translation of your marriage certificate or Apostille authentication on your Irish marriage certificate.

Educational certificated translation

Whether you have immigrated to Ireland looking for work or to pursue your studies, we’ll be glad to assist you with any document translation you might require! We can provide you with a certified  translation of your educational documents including: certified translation of diploma, certified translation of transcript of records, certified translation of High School Leaving Certificate, certified translation of your Professional  qualification certificate, certified translation of academic letters, certified translation of transcript of grades, certified translation of Bachelor’s degree, certified translation of Master’s degree, certified translation of PHD, etc.

In case you need to equivalate your studies in Ireland with the Medical Council, Nursing Council, Teaching Council and with the Institute of Qualifications Recognition we can assist you with all the document translation and legalisation processes they require.

Our translators are fully familiar with all the terminology used in the educational document.

In addition to our translation services we can provide you with your CV preparation or with a  professional CV translation to ensure your application is not hindered by informal or incorrect language in your CV.

Legal document translation

Our team of translators are experts in legal translation, particularly in  business contract translation, employment contract translation, lease agreement translation, sale-purchase contract translation, will translation, power of attorney translation and real estate document translation.  We can also offer a range of document certification and legalisation services, provided by our  legal team of solicitors and notaries public. We have dedicated translators which have extensive experience in translating legal documents into end from various languages.

Our experience in legal and contract translation means that we are fully familiar with and proficient in the use of all terminology specific to legal contracts in the country into and from the language we are translating. We have become adept in contract translation across a wide range of languages and for a wide range of countries. As with all our document translation services, you can be sure that the translation you receive from us will be entirely flawless.

Adoption document translation

There are a number of documents which may be required when applying for an adoption, in addition to the adoption documents which are issued upon completion of the adoption process. The documents you may require for an adoption application may include a certified translation of birth certificate and certified translation of marriage certificate, a certified translation of no criminal record and any other police clearance documentation, certified translation of your residency status  and various other documents.

We can help with all your adoption documents translation! Our team of legal translators has many years of experience in translation of civil and legal documents required for adoption applications in a number of countries. Once your adoption process has proved successful, we can translate adoption certificates so the adoption is recognized here and abroad.

Our legal team can also certify adoption documents and certify your adoption certificates, including obtaining an Apostille legalization on your adoption documents, should this be required!

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