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Want to study abroad? Or to work abroad? 

Then, you will need certified translations of official documents such as diplomas or transcript of records.

Besides containing a listing of courses, hours per week, credits units, grades, average, total grades, transcript of records and diplomas also contain signatures and seals of the issuing educational institution. That’s why, if you need to use the translations of these documents abroad to work or to study, you will need to make them certified in addition to the translation.

Our translation agency, Mainstream Translations, is here to help you and provide you with these certified translations so you can rest assured that your translated documents will be accepted by Irish or UK authorities.

We can translate your documents fast in a cost effective and reliable way. Mainstream Translations can manage to translate your documents at best in one day depending on the volume of work you are asking for. Translators who will work on the translation of your documents are familiar with all terminologies used in the educational field and they will provide you certified translation of high quality at the lowest price in Dublin.

We translate and certify a large panel of type of documents. Therefore, if you eventually need to translate your CV for professional purposes, we can help you to use the right and appropriate language and terms, to make the translation of your CV even more efficient.

Contact us for further information at the numbers: 01 6706333 / 086 408 3332 or email us at You are welcome to come to our office located in 62 Dame street in Dublin 2.

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