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Have you just moved to Ireland? Have you decided to bring your car with you? If yes, you will need to insure your vehicle with an Irish Insurance Company. In order to do this, the insurance company will require you to submit a certified translation of a No claim bonus  certificate. If you have previously held a car insurance outside Ireland, this may be relevant to transfer the number of years or the discount accrued.

Mainstream Translations, a Dublin City centre based Translation company, is extremely experienced in providing all of the elements that are required in the translation of an insurance document (such as signature certification, seal and stamp references) in order for your insurance translation to be accepted by the official authorities. Mainstream Translations is an accredited provider of certified translations.

Whatever language your insurance documents are in, we are able to provide you with the professional insurance translation service that you need in less than 24h. We can also provide you with extra copies at a cost of only 10 euros should this be required.

Our prices are very competitive and include translation to English, proofreading and official certification, which means that your documents will be signed and officially stamped. In addition, we guarantee the fastest turnaround on the market without leaving out the efficiency and the quality of the services rendered.

Even if you are just looking for a quote, send us an e-mail with your documents attached at: or just come in person in our office conveniently located in 62 Dame Street, Dublin 2. We would be pleased to help you as best as we can.


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Charlotte - July 12, 2017