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Apostille-legalization-services-Translator-certificationDepending on the use to which your translated document is destined for, you may require certification by the translator, a notary public or solicitor, Apostille certification or certified copies of the original.
Our certified translators offer a wide range of document certification services, including:

Translator certification

• Solicitor or notary certification – to authenticate the translator certification
• Notarization by our registered notary public – required for legal documents in which English is not the official language
• Legalization by a solicitor or notary – to confirm the country of origin of the document or translation
• True copy of the original certification – to certify that the document is a true and accurate copy of the original, required with many legal translated documents

Apostille certification

Consular Legalisation

We also have extensive experience in providing Apostille certification. This is required of many legal and official documents to ensure the documents will be accepted as legally valid in any country that signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961, to certify any and all signatures on the document including that of the translator, the conditions under which the document has been signed, and the country of origin of the document.

We can advise you on the certification type best suited for your Power of Attorney; birth, death and marriage certificates; adoption certificates; educational degrees and diplomas; immigration certificates and passports.

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