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Adoption-documentsAdoption documents

There are a number of documents which may be required when applying for an adoption, in addition to the adoption documents which are issued upon completion of the adoption process.

The documents you may require for an adoption application may include your birth certificate and marriage certificate, a statement of no criminal record and other police clearance documentation, a statement of residence and various other documents.

We can help with all your adoption translation needs!  Our team of legal translators has many years of experience in translation of civil and legal documents required for adoption applications in a number of countries.

Once your adoption process has proved successful, we can translate adoption certificates so the adoption is recognized here and abroad.

Our legal advisors can help you fulfill you adoption application and obtain all the documentation required.

Our legal team can also certify adoption documents and certify adoption certificates for you, including obtaining Apostille certification! For more details do not hesitate to contact us!