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Engineering translation

Engineering translation image Engineering translation presents a set of difficulties that other industries do not.   Linguists need expert language skills  and also have to understand complex technical concepts in order to translate documents appropriately and accurately. One minor missed detail has the potential to cost a company a great deal of money and may even result in injuries at the workplace.

We are completely aware of the essential role that precise translations play in the engineering community and thus we work with native-speaking linguists who have expertise in a wide variety of engineering disciplines.

Our areas of technical specialization include the following fields: architecture and urban planning, automation and robotics, construction, electronics, environmental engineering, telecommunications, transport.

Here are some of the engineering documents we translate frequently: products catalogues, technical approvals, quality control reports, quality manuals, product data sheets, technical standards, patent documentation, product technical data sheets, training-instructional materials, handbooks, technical guides, service agreements.