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Types of documents

Types of documents

Consultanță pentru cetățenii români din străinatate

Consultanță pentru cetățenii români din străinatate Consilierii noştri vă pot ajuta în soluţionarea următoarelor probleme: apostile şi supralegalizări, recunoaştere şi echivalare de studii, recunoaştere în România a actelor de stare civilă încheiate în străinătate, renunţarea la cetăţenia română, pregătirea dosarelor de pensie pentru limită de vârstă, prelungirea valabilităţii unor documente sau administrare de bunuri aflate în România Tags: Types of documents

Document Certification Dublin – Notary Public, Solicitor

Certified copies are copies of original documents that have been verified and signed by one of the professional persons listed below : member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant, or a serving police or customs officer; an officer of an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country of issue; a lawyer, notary public, actuary, accountant or company secretary who is a member of a recognised professional body; Our …Read More

Legal Contracts Translation in Dublin

Our experience in legal and contract translation means that we are fully familiar with and proficient in the use of all terminology specific to legal contracts in the country into or out of whose language we are translating. We have become adept in contract translation across a wide range of languages and for a wide range of countries. As with all our document translation services, you can be sure that …Read More

How to translate Brazilian Marriage Certificate in Dublin?

Our Translation Company specializes in Brazilian to English and English to Brazilian document translations, such as personal documents: Brazilian Birth Certificate, Brazilian Marriage Certificate, Brazilian Divorce Certificate, Brazilian Diploma, Medical Report, etc and any other documents you may require. We have Brazilian translators working for us full-time, so your Marriage Certificate can be translated immediately. You will receive a translation which is stamped and signed by a Certified Translation Company. …Read More


Adoption documents There are a number of documents which may be required when applying for an adoption, in addition to the adoption documents which are issued upon completion of the adoption process. The documents you may require for an adoption application may include your birth certificate and marriage certificate, a statement of no criminal record and other police clearance documentation, a statement of residence and various other documents. We can …Read More

Commercial documents

In order to help foreign business individuals or enterprises to carry out their business activities at an international level, we provide a high quality commercial document translation service. Our commercial document translation service covers various types of business documents, which include:  Memorandum and Articles of Association, Company registration certificates, company introduction letters, accounting reports, annual reports, auditing reports, bid documents, business contracts, business letters, business plans, case studies, commercial statements, …Read More

Immigration documents

Things like translation of immigration documents, visa translation, birth certificate translation, green card translation and other governmental document translations are often necessary either for individual linguistic understanding, or for government requirements. It is always strongly recommended to have a professional legal translation company provide your translations. We have many years of experience in document translation for immigration purposes for people coming from countries across all continents and we can provide …Read More

Financial documents

We provide specialized financial translation solutions for leading consulting companies and financial institutions across the world. If needed, we can build financial translation teams quickly to support major projects that require fast turnarounds. Beside, our project managers with financial training are skilled in both project planning and quality control. We have extensive experience in translating all types of financial documents, including:  bank guarantees, loan agreements, audit committee reports or annual …Read More

Medical documents

We became experts in a wide range of medical translation fields, from general medicine to pharmaceutical translations. So if you are looking for someone to translate your medical documents  such as: clinical study reports, general regulatory documents, health related instruction manuals and patent applications, hospital discharge documents, medical insurance claims, medical charts and reports, medical equipment instruction manuals, medical related software, patient information and history records, medical product description and …Read More

Employment documents

Each time one changes the job, the new employer asks, except for the CV, all kinds of documents and information about the experience and the employment history of the person concerned.   The situation is the same when moving to a foreign country. Therefore nowadays the translation of these documents is more and more required. Your work contracts, proofs of employment, employment statements, recommendation letters or CV will be treated with …Read More