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Translation expertise

Translation expertise

Greek Translation Services in Dublin

Greek Translation Services in Dublin,Translation Services Certified Translations, Low Prices‎ Our Certified Translation Company is specialized in the translation of various Greek documents! We can provide you with the highest Greek translation service of any document you may need. We have the highest qualified Greek translators in Ireland who can translate the following documents for you: Greek Translation Services in Dublin Greek Birth Certificate Greek Marriage Certificate Greek  Divorce Certificate Greek Degrees, Transcripts and …Read More

Translating Contracts in Dublin

Every day, law firms, government entities, and corporate organizations rely on Language Marketplace for accurate, efficient and confidential contract translation services. We understand the intricacies of contract translation. We routinely provide expert translations on a broad range contracts, including: • Business contracts • Employment contracts • Sales contracts • Contracts and Service • Lease and purchase • Affiliation Agreements • Consultant/Consulting Services • Data Use/Data Sharing Contracts • Intellectual Property …Read More


  On one hand, France is one of the most attractive countries in Europe when it comes to tourism and education. On the other hand, French students are more and more attracted by foreign countries and especially English speaking countries as they want to improve their English language skills. Whether you want to study abroad or work abroad, diplomas and educational transcripts are often required. That is why, if you …Read More

Document legalization

Rules relating to apostilles are stated in 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. You may need an apostille if you are making an application to an official agency in another country to  get married, request citizenship or permit, new birth certificate or passport, obtain a divorce decree, and other similar documents. Please note that you, as an applicant, need to get the apostille if …Read More

Notarization services

Do you need your diplomas, academic transcript or other document translated for legal, professional or academic reasons? Mainstream translations provides notarized document translation. A notarized translation is often required by formal governmental and legal bodies and the process of notarization is more formal than the one required for certification. Some documents that may require notarized translation include: Birth Certificate Translation Marriage Certificates Translation Divorce Certificates Translation Legal Documents University Degrees …Read More

Apostille legalization services

Depending on the use to which your translated document is destined for, you may require certification by the translator, a notary public or solicitor, Apostille certification or certified copies of the original. Our certified translators offer a wide range of document certification services, including: Translator certification • Solicitor or notary certification – to authenticate the translator certification • Notarization by our registered notary public – required for legal documents in …Read More

Website translation

Website translation is both an art and a science, requiring a combination of language and cultural expertise, the right technology, and project management resources that extend beyond traditional language translation. We have all the resources you need to successfully translate  any website into multiple languages, on time and within budget as we combine our expert website translation services with a tested localization process  to ensure that our clients’ projects—no matter …Read More

Personal document translation

Nowadays there are so many people living in a foreign country, far away from their family and friends. Bigger and bigger becomes also the number of those who choose as partner a person of different nationality, without having often a common language. So it is not surprising the fact that many people are looking for professional translators to help them to communicate with the beloved ones. We are used with …Read More

IT translation

IT is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic industries that entails the development of new (or modification of existing) products to be used in many languages and sold in different countries. And here comes the part of translators for which it is certainly needed to master specific nuances of IT along with a large expertise. We can provide a wide range of IT translations at higher quality standards  including documents …Read More

Technical translation

Our technical translation services can meet all the technical linguistic requirements of any potential client as   we use only ‘mother tongue’ linguists who are qualified professionals and members of professional linguistic bodies . Besides, all of our technical translators have access to translation tools, dictionaries and industry specific terms, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects. The following are examples of the types …Read More