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Interpreting services

Interpreting services

Professional Interpreters

Simultaneous Interpreting: Sometimes referred to as “real time interpretation”, simultaneous translation provides instantaneous, real-time interpretation of what is being said. It allows the speaker to continue talking in his own tongue, without pausing. Consecutive Interpreting: In consecutive interpreting, the speaker regularly pauses after a sentence or phrase, enabling the interpreter to render his translation. Although this is time consuming, it allows a complete and accurate translation. Tags: Interpreting services

Dublin Conference Interpretation

Main Stream Translations.com is committed to providing the highest quality of conference interpretation services to all of our customers. Main Stream Translations.com provides professional interpretation service in any setting where there is a language barrier. We provide Conference Interpreting services and Instant translator for business conferences, meetings, trade, government agencies, and medical conventions. Main Stream Translations.com also provides interpretation services for depositions, interviews, court proceedings, medical assessments, insurance claims appointments, …Read More

Mainstream Translation provides professional written certified translations of any documents in any language combinations.

Mainstream Translation provides professional written certified translations of any documents in any language combinations. We assist in translating you business documents – Agreements, Articles of association, Invoice forms; websites, civil documents – Birth, Marriage, Baptism certificates, Degrees, Graduation Documents, Medical references, Court decisions and many more and will assist in selecting the right type of certification for you. Our team is represented by certified professionals who are native language speakers, …Read More

Marriage interpreter in Ireland

Marriage interpreter in Ireland Are you looking for a marriage interpreter? Then, search no further! Our company provides professional interpreting services for marriage interviews and marriage ceremonies at the lowest cost in Ireland. Our interpreters have extensive experience and impeccable timing when it comes to marriage appointments. Hiring a certified native interpreter helps avoid the liability of using a non-native expert for interpretation services and will be an asset for …Read More

Conferences interpreting

Conferences interpreting and namely international ones are attended by people from different backgrounds and cultures, and speaking different languages. It is the job of an interpreter to enable them to communicate with each other, not by translating every word they utter, but by conveying the ideas and meaning which they express. How it happens? Generally, the interpreter sits with the delegates, listens to the speech and renders it, at the …Read More

Telephone interpreting

If you are undergoing a situation in which you need someone to translate for you but you do not want a third party present, then telephone interpreters are the best choice. Since they are not physically present in the room, thus many clients feel less exposed. Telephone interpreting is performed via a three-way or conference telephone call. The interpreter takes notes throughout, and once each chunk of speech has been …Read More

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretations are more complex than consecutive ones as they require certain equipment to allow the audience to hear the interpreted language while they watch or interact with the speaker in near real time. In this case the person who interprets does the job from a location close by or in a closed booth while the speaker is talking, creating a near real-time communication experience. We are equipped with both …Read More

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is a form of consecutive interpreting and it is usually used as a link between two people or small groups of people who speak different languages. To avoid chaos, we do not usually do this kind of interpreting for more than four or five people in total. The interpreter needs to know both languages very well and translates what everyone says at that specific time. Due to the …Read More

Court interpreting

Language interpreters play an essential role in the administration of justice because they help persons who do not speak the official language of the court to have equal access to justice and help court proceedings function efficiently and effectively. If you are in need of an accomplished court interpreter then look no further. Our team of experienced and qualified court interpreters can assist with all your legal interpreting needs. All …Read More

Interpreting Services in Dublin

With years of experience our worldwide clients rely on our interpreting services because our interpretation firm goes the extra mile to ensure that we work with the most talented and professional interpreters in Ireland. Mainstream Translations can provide you with interpretation services for over 200 languages! Your keynote speakers are the highlight of your exhibition! Your visitors have travelled from all over the world to hear them speak. It would …Read More