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Certified Italian translation in Dublin

Top Quality Italian Translations Mainstream Translations provides a full range of Italian translation services in Dublin and across Ireland. We have particular expertise in the following areas: –Italian Legal translation -Italian Technical translation -Italian Financial translation -Italian Business translation -Italian Medical translation -And many more, such as: -English to Italian/ Italian to English Translation of birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates -English to Italian/ Italian to English Translation of official …Read More

Document legalization

Rules relating to apostilles are stated in 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. You may need an apostille if you are making an application to an official agency in another country to  get married, request citizenship or permit, new birth certificate or passport, obtain a divorce decree, and other similar documents. Please note that you, as an applicant, need to get the apostille if …Read More

Telephone interpreting

If you are undergoing a situation in which you need someone to translate for you but you do not want a third party present, then telephone interpreters are the best choice. Since they are not physically present in the room, thus many clients feel less exposed. Telephone interpreting is performed via a three-way or conference telephone call. The interpreter takes notes throughout, and once each chunk of speech has been …Read More