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Conferences interpreting

conference-interpretingConferences interpreting

and namely international ones are attended by people from different backgrounds and cultures, and speaking different languages. It is the job of an interpreter to enable them to communicate with each other, not by translating every word they utter, but by conveying the ideas and meaning which they express.

How it happens? Generally, the interpreter sits with the delegates, listens to the speech and renders it, at the end, in a different language, generally with the aid of notes.

If you are looking for a talented conference interpreter to provide you with top-quality simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, please contact us.

All our conference interpreters are qualified and experienced, bringing with them years of trainings, conference interpreting practice and professional association to bodies such as the AIIC and the Institute of Translation.

In addition, if you have special requirements such as a need for specialized medical, financial, technical or legal interpreters, we ensure only those interpreters that match your requirement are used.

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