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Mainstream Translations provides you with accurate, legally recognized translation of all types of birth certificates from around the world. Your birth certificates are being translated at the cheapest price in Dublin and in all over Ireland.

Thanks to a world-wide network of native speakers of more than 200 languages, Mainstream Translations offers prompt, accurate and reliable birth certificate translations.

Our birth certificate translators are able to recognize birth certificate forms from all over the world and to precisely and accurately translate all parts of the certificate, creating a document which can be certified as legally accurate for all circumstances requiring documentation of a person’s identity, citizenship or residency.

Our company provides you with a certified (and/or notarized) birth certificate translation and you can be sure that our translation is recognized for social, legal and governmental purposes.

For a certified translation, a scanned copy of your birth certificate will be sufficient.

For a notarized translation, the original copy of your birth certificate will be required.

For any birth certificate translation need, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone on 086 408 3332.